Tri-Cities Horsemens Association

Arena Update!

Due to the COVID-19 the arena usage is restricted to members only when not open to public events.

We have purchased 4 shade trees for the arena! We are still seeking donations to help cover the cost!
If you would like to contribute toward the rebuilding efforts check out our Tree Fund Donation page!

Upcoming Events and Announcements!

General Meeting
In person meetings will resume in January 2022
We will have the ZOOM option for those that do not feel comfortable attending in person.

December meeting will be at the Holiday party.
Next Meeting:
Wednesday, January 5th, 2022
General Meeting @ 7:00 pm
Location to be determined!

Members are requested to attend!

Holiday Party and Year End Awards!
December 5
We are celebrating our return to an almost normal year with a bang up party!
Reservations are required and due by November 24th

For more info and reservations

December Holiday Trail Ride!
Saturday, December 18th
Round Valley Regional Park
19450 Marsh Creek Road
Brentwood, CA
Decorate yourself and your horses and join us for a fun ride!
Riders leave at 11:00
Bring your lunch!
Parking Fee: Free
Rain Cancels
The final Gymkhana for 2021 was a huge success!
Thank you to everyone that helped make this year such a success!
Congratulations to the TCHA 2021 Turn & Burn Buckle Series winners!
Div 2 - Timothy Coffee
Div 3 - Heather Wright
Div 4 - Laurel Bleichner
Div 5 - Katie Foreman
Div 6 - Tristan Thomas
Div 7 - Kimberly Swihart
Thanks for coming out and supporting the TCHA Gymkhana program.
We wish you the best of luck heading towards CSHA's State Championship Show!

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