Tri-Cities Horsemen's Assoc.
On-Line Gymkhana Registration
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Register on-line for ALL EVENTS ONLY!

Registration Fees:
Tri-Cities Members: $8.00 x 6 events + $5.00 Rating Fees = $53.00 + $2.00 Transaction fee = $55.00 per combination
Non-Members: $8.50 x 6 events + $5.00 Rating Fees = $56.00 = $2.00 Transaction fee = $58.00 per combination
Lead Line: $15.00 + .75 transaction fee = $15.75 for all events
NOTE: The Transaction fees only cover our costs to provide this on-line service, we do not profit from this service.

If riding all events, you can register on-line. If not riding all events, then you must register at the show.

For each gymkhana you will be attending:
Select the appropriate Registration Fee

Select the gymkhana you are registering for.

Select the Time Division of the Rider, enter the Rider and Horse Names in appropriate fields & click on "Add to Cart" button.

Check the cart to be sure it is correct, if done then check out

If you want to register more than 1 horse and rider combination then click on "Continue Shopping" button to return to this page, and repeat the process until all rider/horse combinations are registered.

Register for the Gymkhana:

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