Tri-Cities Gymkhana High Point Program

2019 Tri-Cities Gymkhana High Point Program Rules

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Please be sure you read the high point rules!
It is the rider's responsibility to understand them.
Be sure to check your meeting points.
If you think there is an error, be sure to contact Amy.
Any questions, contact the Program Chair Amy Bleichner on 925-287-1909 or
via e-mail at

List of meeting and activity attendance

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Congratulations to our 2017 TCHA High Point Program Participants!
Division 3:
Reserve Champion Patti Lehman & Brandy´┐Żs Mischief
Division 4:
Champion Nadia Ghanbari & Luke
Reserve Champion Talia Guidi & JJ
Division 6:
Champion Taylor Mathias & Denny
Reserve Champion Jennifer Caruso & Bronson
3rd Place Tony Caruso & Rascal
Division 7:
Champion Abigail Bleichner & Gambler
Reserve Champion Laurel Bleichner & Romeo
3rd Place Grace Ortman & Scout/Summer
4th Place Annie Preston & Cloud
Lead Line:
Ava Tom & Joplin

Welcome & Good Luck to our 2018 TCHA High Point Program Participants:
Abigail Bleichner & Dream
Laurel Bleichner & Romeo
Jennifer Caruso & Bronson
Tony Caruso
Virginia Guthrie & Summer
Taylor Mathias & Clovis
Audrey Niemotka & Josie
Grace Ortman & Scout
Ava Tom & Joplin
Addison Heimann
Eva Morrill
Kimberly Bredehoft

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