Tri-Cities Horsemen's Association
Junior Representative Program


To promote youth involvement in Tri-Cities Horsemen's Association (club) activities and provide youth representation of the Club at all functions in a manner that educates the participants and promotes good sportsmanship.

A. Rules and Regulations:

  1. Open to single girls and boys who are members in good standing of Tri-Cities Horsemen's Association.

  2. Positions include:
    - Sweetheart; girls 11 - 17 years of age
    - Horseman; boys 11 - 17 years of age
    - Jr. Sweetheart; girls under 11 years of age*
    - Jr. Horseman; boys under 11 years of age*
    Age is as of January 1st of the current year.
    *must be able to control their horse without assistance.

  3. All Applications must be received by the appointed Chairperson no later than the April General meeting.

  4. Each contestant is responsible for submitting their own entry before the closing date.

  5. Each contestant shall have a chaperone who will be responsible for them during club activities.

  6. If a Junior Representative fails or declines to complete their term, they must relinquish their claim to the title, their crown, sash, or hat band. The first runner-up in that division shall assume the vacated position for the remainder of the year.

  7. Each position may be held a maximum of two (2) times by an individual. However, they may not be held consecutively unless the position is uncontested.

  8. Any contestant who acts in a manner deemed improper, unethical, dishonest, un-sportsmanlike, or prejudicial to the best interest of the Program, will be disqualified by the Chairpersion for that year. Any act, indicated in the in the preceding sentence, committed at the competition by a member of the family and/or trainer of the contestant, may be deemed to have been committed by the contestant.

  9. All grievances and protests shall be lodged to the Chairperson, in writing, within one (1) week following completion of the last phase of the competition. The Chairperson and Board of Directors will review the grievance and/or protest. Their decision will be final.

  10. The Club will provide the sashes, crowns, and hat bands. The Junior Representatives are responsible for providing a suitable outfit and hat for their position (safety helmets are acceptable).
B. Selection of Judges:
  1. The Chairperson shall select the judges who shall consist of three (3) adult members. The Judges shall not be related to any of the contestants.

  2. The Judges will judge all phases of the competition.
C. Responsibilities:
  1. The Chairperson's responsibilities are:
    1. Schedule testing
    2. Provide sashes, crowns, and hat bands
    3. Select and obtain Judges
    4. Tally all test results and combine the results of all tests to determine the total score per participant.
    5. Hear and help resolve grievances and protests.
    6. Present crowns, sashes and hat bands at the award ceremonies.

  2. The Judges' responsibilities are:
    1. Judge, score and tally the each phase of the competition, oral test, riding, poise, personality and speaking contests.

  3. The Junor Representatives' responsibilities include:
    1. Represent Tri-Cities at all affiliated functions.
    2. Promote Tri-Cities activities and membership.
    3. Promote good sportsmanship.
    4. Promote good horsemanship.
    5. Perform other special activities/projects as may be requested by the Club President.
D. Competition and Scoring:
  1. The competition will be held yearly in April/May. Results of the competition will be announced at the award ceremonies.

  2. Contestants will be judged as follows:
    Oral Examination100
    Speaking Ability300

    The individual contestant scores will be totaled and averaged by category for all categories except the oral examination.

    Total for the oral examination will be based on the percentage of answers correct (e.g. 8 of 10 answers correct equals 80%, therefore a total score of 80).

    The averaged category scores and the oral examination score will be totaled by individual contestant and the highest total will be declared the winner.

E. Award Ceremonies:
  1. Award ceremonies for the new Junior Representatives will be held at the Mothers' Day show.

  2. The results of the competition will be announced and each winner will be presented with a crown, sash, or hat band as appropriate. At the end of their terms, the crowns and hat bands will be returned to the Club, however the sash will be retained by the Sweethearts as mementos.
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