Tri-Cities Horsemen's Association
Application for Membership

Type of Membership*:
.Family - $25.00 - includes married and domestic partners and all children under 18 years of age
.Individual Sr.- $15.00 - 18 & Over and not part of a Family Membership
.Junior - $6.00 - 17 & Under and not part of a Family Membership
Please include your age & birthday below
Address: .
Phone (include area code):.
E-Mail .
Children's Names:Ages and Birth Dates:
How many horses do you own/sponsor?.
Do you have a trailer?.

Special interests, what activities would you like to do as club members, e.g. trail rides, overnights, gymkhana?

*Membership year runs from January 1st through December 31st. New member's dues are prorated from the month of joining until December 31st. For example: A new family joins in June. Family dues = $25.00/12 = $2.00/month June - Dec = 7 months. $2.00 x 7 = $14.00 due upon joining for current year. Annual dues for next year of $25.00 payable on January 1st.

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